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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Marriage is surrounding me. My friends are almost all married. It's kind of strange actually. It all changes so fast up here in Mormon Land. One minute you're 18 and crazy and you and your friends annoy everyone around you and the next you're 21 and all the friends that you shared those crazy loud moments with are now off with their forevers. It's almost depressing but not. I can't help but be completely happy for them. It's not everyday you find someone that you feel like you could spend forever with. That's a long time. Just like Christopher Robbins told Winnie, "Forever and ever, is a very long time Pooh." (I love The Great Adventures of Winnie the Pooh).

I however, have not found my forever. They are out there somewhere and maybe someday soon I will be able to turn in my roommates for one awesome one. Still love you guys! Anyway, pictures from the weddings to come. :)


Brad Dixon said...

hahaha you're tellin' me. I'm 23, which, in mormon land (as you would call it), is pretty much retirement age.

Don't stress, you'll have no problem finding someone.

Ashley said...

now i know you have a blog and i cannot lie..ill probably read it from now on

The Keiths said...

Don't let everyone getting married pressure you to do the same!

Annie said...

ha ha meg! I don't feel pressure to get married. It probably came off that way though. I mostly just miss my friends :( ha ha! Although I can't help but hope to find someone so I can hang out with all the married couples.
Oh and Brad, 23 is not old! ha ha My friend Sharyl just married a guy that's 26! see you'll be just fine... but I'd hurry. ha ha kidding.