Embrace each day with an enthusiastic welcome, no matter how it looks.

Monday, January 26, 2009


These are all of my roommates!  Life has been very interesting living with 5 sometimes 6 other girls.  We are all very different people. I have roomed with Jillian, (the girl on the right in the second picture) since last Winter Semester of 2008. She is an amazing roommate and person! Unfortunately, she is leaving me next semester to go and get married. Oh well! Good for her! 

Stephanie is a nursing major, (she is in the middle of the second picture) because she is a nursing major we don't see her very often. She studies day and night.We love it when she comes out of here room though. She's very soft spoken and it surprises me every time but she is a sassy young thing.  She also like to recycle! GO Stephanie! 

Kirsten is our local, (second from the right in the first picture) well sort of, she is from Idaho Falls which is 30 min. away. She went to cosmetology  school already and now is attending BYUI, for fun! I think it's pretty cool! She just sent off a missionary and tells us lots of fun stories about him.

Melanie is a fellow Northern Californian. (pictured dead center of the first picture) She is from Dixon, Ca and has grown up on a ranch her whole life. The first light I met her she was amazed at our disposal in the sink. It was awesome! She is a super fun girl!

Adrianna is from Atalanta, Georgia! She wins the sassy award for our apartment by far! She loves to watch movies and is a business major. She tells it like she sees it and sometimes its pretty out! haha no she's cool!

Jeena or Jersey! Is our adopted roommate number 7. She is also from Georgia but has also lived in New Jersey and France. She speaks fluent French and is currently teaching me the language!  

These are my roommates! We are an odd bunch.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Today at school I had a mini stalker for about an hour and ten minutes.  We'll call him Dilbert. Anyway, Dilbert usually sits by me in one of my classes.  You know how that works, people stake their territory and don't like change.  Well today I got to class a little bit earlier because apparently when I have a lot on my mind, I tend to walk faster than normal.  Weird.  I know.  Anyway today someone took Dilbert's seat. So Dilbert got a little frustrated when he walked in and someone else was peeing on his fire hydrant. Whether the hydrant was me or the seat... hopefully we'll never know. I don't think I'll ever understand dogs... i mean... men.  Anyway I'm getting off subject.  So we're just sitting in class and my new next door neighbor writes me a little note informing me of Dilberts persistent stare.  He wrote, I think he likes you.  I said, No no, he just wants his seat back. I ignored poor little Dilbert for the rest of class, I avoided eye contact and rejoiced when I found out he wasn't in my group.  There were three reasons I avoided him. First, If it was true that he was staring at me then he was probably contemplating asking me out. Which I did not want. Second, If this was the case... okay... I'll admit... I was being a bit shallow but come on... Dilbert just isn't very attractive. Third, He's super annoying. He reminds me of a person that likes to talk really loudly when on their blue tooth in the grocery store. That drives me crazy. Anyway, class ended and I'm sitting down packing up my backpack as I look up I see Dilbert. "Dang it Dilbert!" I thought, "Cut me some slack!" So I look up and smile. Dilbert follows me out of class and then I check my pocket for my cell phone. I had never been so happy to lose my cell phone before. I told Dilbert sorry but I had to go back and get my cell phone. Oh but no worries! Dilbert to the rescue! "I'll help you look for it!" he says. Unable to find my cell phone we continued on to my next class. I talked about how mad I was that I couldn't find my cell phone wanting to steer the conversation away from anything that might involve my plans for this weekend. Dilbert says, "Well, on a lighter note, how would like like to go out tonight?"... Yeah lighter note for you buddy! He totally caught me off my game though. I agreed to go out and told him where to pick me up and said don't worry about getting my number though, I lost my phone. So Dilbert smiled in success and left me, a phoneless, gameless girl going to her Geology class. 

I've never been the type of girl to go on random dates. I like to go on dates with guys I'm interested in, (imagine that), I've done this whole, just for dating sake thing, once before and it didn't go very well. Hopefully this time it will be better. Maybe it could be good. We're always told to give people a chance. So that's my goal. I will give him a chance. To make my self feel a little bit better though...I'm not getting all dolled up.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Sea of Bitterness

Yesterday in my Doctrine and Covenants class we were talking about the meaning of names and my professor, Bro. Petersen, asked if anyone knew the meaning of their name.  Many people raised their hand giving wonderful answers, "My name means Beloved one.", "My name means Beautiful Song Bird.",  "My name means Grace of God."  All these answers made me laugh as I thought back to when I found out the meaning of my own name...
Some of you my not know this but my given name is actually not Annie, it's Marianne.   A couple months ago I became obsessed with,,, etc.   I loved finding out not only what names meant but also names for my own children in the VERY distant future.  Doing this made me curious, "I wonder what my name means."  Wanting the meaning to be exactly right and very meaningful to me I used my given name, Marianne.  Waiting for the results I was anxious! I was thinking, Marianne is going to have such a beautiful meaning.  Annie probably wont be unique.  The result popped up on the screen MARIANNE: Origin: French; Meaning: Sea of Bitterness.  WHAT! Why didn't my name mean The Beloved one, Beautiful Song bird, or Grace of God?  I was a little upset, how could my parents name me THE SEA OF BITTERNESS?  Quickly, I looked up the Meaning of Annie. ANNIE: Origin: English; Meaning: Gracious and Merciful. Phew... That was better.  I then laughed, recognizing that I had been BITTER about being named Marianne, only proving the meaning of my name to be correct.  I remembered back to when I was young and I would write at the top of my papers, Marianne Annie Sevy, I did this out of bitterness, because I have no middle name either. AW MAN! Maybe my parents did name me correctly!
Back in my Doctrine and Covenants class I raised my hand thinking, "Ha ha, I'll show them." Bro. Petersen called on me, "What does your name mean?" I asnwered,  " The Sea of Bitterness." Everyone broke out in laughter and so did I. Bro. Petersen sat down on the piano bench in front of me looked at the ground in laughter and asked, "And how does that make you feel?" "Honestly, I'm a little bitter." Everyone laughed again and so did I!
Well, hopefully the meaning of our names doesn't determine the meaning of our lives. But, if they do, I'd better hope that I live up to the name Annie. Which is who I am!