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Monday, May 31, 2010

I love Jeff

Dedicated to Jeff Wilkins. My handsome love.

I love Jeff everyone. Here is my list about everything I adore about him:
  1. His SMILE
  2. His sense of humor
  3. He's genuine.
  4. He's smart!
  5. He thinks he's a hunter.
  6. He makes me feel beautiful.
  7. When he does smiley faces he does them like this... ;) in stead of the usual :).
  8. He loves black and grey
  9. His beautiful eyes.
  10. He repetitive jokes that I pretend to hate. "and a little bit of bacon."
  11. His love for the gospel.
  12. His crookedy fingers.
  13. The fact that he's pushin' 6 ft.
  14. He speaks SPANISH.
  15. He's so sweet and patient with me when I wake up grumpy.
  16. He likes my food even though I always make the same thing.
  17. The way he looks at me.
  18. He can beatbox really well.
  19. His deep voice.
  20. He's So MANLY.
  21. His grey jacket.
  22. His black vans.
  23. His sexy car.
  24. Pita Pita Pita.
  25. I trust him.
  26. His positive attitude.
  27. He doesn't judge.
  28. His Cowboy boots.
  29. He loves country music.
  30. He loves all music.
  32. He would do anything for me.
  33. He smells so good!
  34. He's so giving. And loves it.
  35. His Hair. (I love messing it up)
  36. Driving with him.
  37. His singing voice.
  38. He plays Guitar so well!!!
  39. Being his back seat driver.
  40. His jokes/pranks.
  41. He loves to try and scare me during scary movies. (it works every time)
  42. He's very loving.
  43. He brought me juice.
  44. He LOVES Craigos.
  45. He always has his day planned out.
  46. He's laid back.
  47. He's good at Modern Warfare but doesn't always play it! ha ha
  48. Sometimes he's ticklish
  49. He still gives me butterflies.
  50. The fact that I want to and could write more and more on this but I have to go get my laundry. ;)
  51. ohh.. and He's so cute!
I love you Jeff.


laura said...

I love that you LOVE Jeff! He is so LUCKY!