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Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to School, back to school.

To prove to Dad I'm not a fool :)

This first little bit of school has been great. I absolutely love that I am done with my generals and that I can move on to my Communications classes! This semester I am taking: Advertising Practices and Principles, Interpersonal Communications, Spanish 201, Advanced Visual Media and World Religions. I love these classes!

Advertising Practices and Principles: This class is a bit dull at the moment as we are on the principles section and we haven't gotten to the actual practicing part. We will have the opportunity in this class to work on a campaign for a local business owner and present to them at the end of the semester! That is the part that I am excited for :)

Interpersonal Communications: This class should be pretty interesting and my teacher seems pretty cool! I'm not quite sure what to expect of it! Hopefully its one for the books.

Spanish 201: My teacher is INSANE. On the first day of class he made a joke about prostitutes and the other day in class he said, "Today we're going to learn so much that you'll have to take a dump just to be able to fit in more knowledge." Gross, but very funny! Anyway, This is a conversation based class. Now that we have learned most of the basics of grammar we are trying to put it into words ;)

Advanced Visual Media: I am SO excited for this class! We will have a few projects to help us with designing. I get to learn DREAMWEAVER! so so so excited! This will definitely help me with whatever I end up wanting to do as a career in the future.

World Religions: I am excited for this class but I wish my teacher would have a better attention span. We are currently learning about Hinduism and then we'll move on to more of the Eastern Religions! It's amazing the places that you can find the light of Christ! SO many Religions are just shining so bright with goodness and I'm so excited to be able to learn more about them. I truly feel that this will be such a great strength for me at this time.

Anyway! Hopefully I will have some fun stories this semester! I think it's gonna be a good one!