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Thursday, June 10, 2010


To Jeffrey Wilkins if you couldn't tell by my last posts :)

So here is how it all came to pass for those who might be confused! Jeff and I have been unofficially dating for almost a year now. Officially: about 9 months that's taking out the "breaks" we've taken. Anyway, not too long before we came to this current relationship status, we were on one of those breaks. We thought we were at the point in our relationship where we needed to make a decision. To marry or not to Marry? We both loved each other that was definitely not the problem. The problem was. Marriage is a BIG DEAL! And we were scared and unsure. So we decided to take a break, date around and see what happened. That only lasted 3 weeks ha ha and at that point after prayers and tears and answers we both knew that we wanted each other, forever and ever! So We decided well we know we want to get married... WHY WAIT? We already know each other so well! So, Jeff made the Skype! phone call to my dad! We went ring shopping and I found one I LOVED! Anyway we decided to keep looking around and made plans to go later that week.
On Wednesday, Jeff's sister Jenna (an awesome photographer) called me. She told me that she was trying to enter a photography contest and wanted to take pictures of Jeff and I. She said, "I've already asked Jeff and he doesn't want to do it so will you try to convince him? I told her, "Oh don't worry we'll do it!" So we scheduled to meet in between my classes the next day. I got all dressed up and We headed out!!
Here is where the pictures come in!

So Jenna was telling us to pose and I'm making Jeff smile because I think he doesn't want to be out there!

Then she took us took another spot that had a bunch of scrap metal to play with it was really fun ha ha

So after we finished playing with the scrap metal Jenna told Jeff to get down on one knee and Jeff acted like he didn't want to but got down anyway and I just started posing right away. I thought it was a cute idea!

I couldn't take it seriously! ha ha Finally Jenna was like Annie c'mon take it seriously so I said okay, I took a deep breath and turned toward Jeff and as I did...

He asked me if I would marry him! He caught me completely off guard (we were supposed to go ring shopping that afternoon) The biggest surprise! I honestly had no idea!

I said, "OH MY GOSH!" about 100 times before I actually answered him!

I love this picture because I am admiring this beautiful ring and if you look at Jeff he is admiring me. He makes me feel so special :)

We're getting married September 4, 2010 in the LDS Sacramento Temple!
I am so happy to have found my forever love!


defining amy said...

this story is brilliant. yep. i'm blogging about it. congrats!!

*D* said...

congratulations! i found your blog through amy's blog and i think this is the sweetest story ever! made me smile :)

Jeff Wilkins said...

Im so happy you found me too!!

Camille Larie said...

Oh my gosh! i love cool! i'm so excited for you Annie! love ya lots :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Annie. I am so incredibly happy for you :) and I love all of the photos! You guys are adorable and I wish you guys the best!