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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hangnails and Personal Issues

There is a hangnail on my right pointer finger. It's snagging in my hair on my clothes and is very irritating. The hangnail is actually really easy to get rid of. All I would have to do is get some clippers and clip it off. But I'm hanging on to it, I have no idea why. Why would I want to keep something that is tugging on my skin and becoming a nuisence and distraction? How did it get there is the first place?
It got there because I ignored my nail. I was rough on my fingers and didn't give them the proper moisturizing, trimming, and love.
As I was complaining to my roommates about my hangnail I the answer I received was, "Sounds like a personal issue to me."
It's true! How many times have I created a problem for myself and instead of taking care of it or clipping it off have I complained? Too many times.
So I will leave you with this. Tar care of you hangnails and your personal issues. And move on. Then prevent them from happening again. It's not worth the worry and whining. :) I'm going to go clip off my hangnail now.

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