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Monday, January 26, 2009


These are all of my roommates!  Life has been very interesting living with 5 sometimes 6 other girls.  We are all very different people. I have roomed with Jillian, (the girl on the right in the second picture) since last Winter Semester of 2008. She is an amazing roommate and person! Unfortunately, she is leaving me next semester to go and get married. Oh well! Good for her! 

Stephanie is a nursing major, (she is in the middle of the second picture) because she is a nursing major we don't see her very often. She studies day and night.We love it when she comes out of here room though. She's very soft spoken and it surprises me every time but she is a sassy young thing.  She also like to recycle! GO Stephanie! 

Kirsten is our local, (second from the right in the first picture) well sort of, she is from Idaho Falls which is 30 min. away. She went to cosmetology  school already and now is attending BYUI, for fun! I think it's pretty cool! She just sent off a missionary and tells us lots of fun stories about him.

Melanie is a fellow Northern Californian. (pictured dead center of the first picture) She is from Dixon, Ca and has grown up on a ranch her whole life. The first light I met her she was amazed at our disposal in the sink. It was awesome! She is a super fun girl!

Adrianna is from Atalanta, Georgia! She wins the sassy award for our apartment by far! She loves to watch movies and is a business major. She tells it like she sees it and sometimes its pretty out! haha no she's cool!

Jeena or Jersey! Is our adopted roommate number 7. She is also from Georgia but has also lived in New Jersey and France. She speaks fluent French and is currently teaching me the language!  

These are my roommates! We are an odd bunch.